Whether you’ve just recently met a new friend, or you’ve known them all your life, odds are they probably have a birthday. For as long as birthdays have existed – Claudia Severa sent the first documented birthday invitation around 100 AD – so too has the pressure to find the perfect gift. Yet birthdays themselves actually aren’t all that distinguished; just today, 15 million people will celebrate their special day. How can any birthday gift giver hope to stand out?

Fear not! We’ve put together a list of our current favorite birthday gifts that are sure to make the other 14,999,999 wish that they, too, had received Uncommon gifts.

“Awwww, You Remembered!” (Gifts that celebrate their birthdate, month, or zodiac constellation)

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle | UncommonGoods
Life is a mystery, and now a birthday can be a puzzle (or a book). | New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle and New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Penny Necklace With Personalized Year | UncommonGoods
Some score and a certain amount of years ago, their parents brought forth upon this continent…the birthday baby. | Penny Necklace With Personalized Year and Diamond Penny Necklace With Personalized Year

Birthstone Mineral Soaps | UncommonGoods
Cleanliness is next to godliness, and these soaps are righteous art. | Birthstone Mineral Soaps (only at UncommonGoods)

Birth Month Flower Jewelry | UncommonGoods
A flower’s fleeting beauty, preserved in jewelry that celebrates the recipient’s birth month. | Birth Month Flower Cuff, Birth Month Flower Earrings, and Birth Month Flower Necklace (only at UncommonGoods)

Astrology Pillows | UncommonGoods
Birthday horoscope: Bright, fantastical watercolor paintings of their zodiac sign will appear on comfy pillows in your recipient’s home. | Astrology Pillows

Zodiac Embroidery Hoop Art | UncommonGoods
Contemplating their constellation has never been more convenient. | Zodiac Embroidery Hoop Art

Sign of The Zodiac Necklace | UncommonGoods
Well, except contemplating this constellation is even more convenient. It’s delicately teeny, and so pretty. | Sign of the Zodiac Necklace

“I’m 21 This Year…Again!” (beer, wine, and cocktail gifts)

Whether a beer, wine, or cocktail connoisseur, these gifts are sure to quench those who have aged to perfection.

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit | UncommonGoods
With this kit, they can make beer more delicious than what’s sold in 99% of bars. | West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit (only at UncommonGoods)

Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

Having trouble coming up with a gift for your beer-loving buddy? Drink outside the box with this Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener, made from reclaimed redwood beams – perfect for building their own six-pack.

Stone Drink Dispenser | UncommonGoods
Bring flinty flair to their bar with a rock-solid embodiment of your appreciation. | Stone Drink Dispenser

Personalized Whiskey Barrel | UncommonGoods
Help ease the aging process for your favorite whiskey lover while accelerating the aging process of their favorite whiskey – with a personalized touch. | Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses | UncommonGoods
Show the birthday guy or gal that they’re worth a bump up from the salt line and lime wedge standard. | Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Cocktail Diagram Glasses | UncommonGoods
Clever takes on a couple of morning brunch favorites, with the recipe built right in. | Mimosa Diagram Glassware and Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware (only at UncommonGoods)

Gin and Tonic Kits
Go for a DIY take on a crisp and classic drink without the stress of gift wrapping elaborate distillery equipment. | Homemade Gin Kit and Tonic Making Kit

(Not sure if your giftee will toast to homemade tonic? See the kit put to our test in this gift lab.)

Mixology Dice | UncommonGoods
Don’t gamble on a great birthday gift – but for a little added spontaneity, add the element of chance to the choice of cocktails you’ll serve at the party. | Mixology Dice

Wine Dispensing Travel Tote | UncommonGoods
We can’t guarantee that this will increase your recipient’s popularity, but we don’t see how it could hurt. | Wine Dispensing Travel Tote

Wine Pairing Towel Set | UncommonGoods
68 popular wines, 56 different foods, 3808 possible pairings, and one happy birthday person. | Wine Pairing Towel Set (only at UncommonGoods)

Wine Aging Tool | UncommonGoods
Tragically, we can’t offer you a Human Being Un-Aging Tool to give your recipient, but this amazing gadget will ease the pain by improving their vino. | Wine Aging Tool

Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses | UncommonGoods
You might want to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song a few extra times this year. | Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

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Bag o’ Laughs (funny, quirky, and playful gifts)

If they’re more of a comic than a cook, you’ll need to up your humor game. Any of these gifts is sure to deliver smiles and laughs.

Inconsequential Dilemmas | UncommonGoods
Should I get them this book? -> Is it their birthday? -> Yes -> Do they like funny books? -> Yes -> You should get them this book. | Inconsequential Dilemmas

DIY Unicorn Terrarium | UncommonGoodsMagic-without a lot of maintenance. | DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit

Color Me Wonderful Necklace | UncommonGoods
For a woman who frequently draws upon her imagination. | Color Me Wonderful Necklace

Pineapple Tumbler | UncommonGoodsAny lover of tiki cocktails is sure to fall for this tumbler. | Pineapple Tumbler

Guitar Glasses | UncommonGoods
A gift that bends all the right notes. | Guitar Glasses (only at UncommonGoods)

Ironic and iconic, this cup is meant to imitate the original paper version, a symbol of the NYC morning rush. | Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug | UncommonGoods
Elwood’s distinctive colorful charm is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, no matter what year you’re celebrating. | Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug

Ned - Ostrich Portrait | UncommonGoods
Judgmental Ned or any of his other overgrown avian pals are sure to be a big hit. | Ned – Ostrich Portrait

Spotted Wellies Garden Ducks | UncommonGoods
These adorable and easy-to-care-for ducks come with cute boots, so you won’t have to worry about them waddling around and leaving a trail of frosting. Each is handmade, and has its own personality. | Spotted Wellies Garden Ducksq

F Bomb Paperweight | UncommonGoods
Drop the big one on a coworker, or “jokingly” tell your boss off on their special day. | A Hole Paperweight and F Bomb Paperweight

Just for the Record Pillow | UncommonGoods
You know they love you if they permit this preposterous pun in pillow form to populate their pad. | Just for the Record Pillow

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More Cake Please (food and cooking gifts)

You’ll want to ensure that the foodie in your life has something new to whip up after the cake’s been devoured. Treat them to one of these cool culinary presents.

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand | UncommonGoods
Crafted with wood from old European buildings and a natural beeswax glaze, this Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand is the perfect place for the birthday chef’s secret recipes.

Music Note Measuring Spoon Set | UncommonGoods
Give ’em a kitchen staff with a versatile crew of four. | Music Note Measuring Spoon Set

Dessert and Baking Salts | UncommonGoods
Add a pinch of these Dessert and Baking Salts, each a scrumptiously curated flavor combination of sweet and salty. You might want to present this gift early, or you’ll wish you had come cake time!

Taco Serving Kit and Storage Box | UncommonGoods
If tacos are one of their major food groups, serve them this. | Taco Serving Kit (only at UncommonGoods)

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit | UncommonGoods
If spicy or tangy is their thing and their tastebuds demand better than pre-made hot sauce, how about some five-alarm DIY kits? | Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit and Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit

A robust gift for any coffee lover who loves to chill just as much as they love a hot cup of morning glory. | Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set

(Watch a member of our team whip up a batch of homemade cold brew in a very cool gift lab.)

Donut Warming Mug | UncommonGoods
Help the birthday person conserve our planet’s energy! The escaped steam from this clever coffee will keep their donut (or cookie, or biscuit, or …) just-out-of-the-oven warm. | Donut Warming Mug

Milk and Cookies Dunk and Drink Set | UncommonGoods
Dunk. Drink. Enjoy. Repeat. | Milk and Cookies Dunk and Drink Set (only at UncommonGoods)

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More Exciting than Socks (kid-friendly birthday)

Stop! Drop the socks and sweaters! Any of these kid-friendly gifts will elevate you to the coveted position of favorite aunt or uncle.

Balloon Dog Night Light | UncommonGoods
Doesn’t bark, doesn’t bite. Just gives light. | Balloon Dog Night Light in blue or green

Electric Light Blocks | UncommonGoods

LED-lit interlocking blocks add an exciting new dimension to children’s play-or an adult’s office. | Electric Light Blocks

Taco Dreams Mobile | UncommonGoods
Stimulate baby’s eyesight, mental landscape, and future palate. | Taco Dreams Mobile

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press Set | UncommonGoods
Hard pressed to find something great for a sweet kid? Look no further! | Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press Set

Ring Jewel Ice Pop Mold | UncommonGoods
Treat the birthday boy or girl like royalty. | Ring Jewel Ice Pop Mold

The Mug With a Hoop | UncommonGoods
He shoots, he scores! Perfect for hot cocoa, cereal, or tomato soup for a fun twist on a tasty treat. | The Mug With a Hoop

Super Nerdy ABC Blocks | UncommonGoods
Inspire your favorite whiz kid with creative fun and scientific knowledge with this set of super geeky science blocks. Each side of each block presents a different fact. For science! | Super Nerdy ABC Blocks

Baby Mermaid Tail | UncommonGoods
Grown-ups say mermaids don’t exist. What do they know?! | Baby Mermaid Tail

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For the Sporty Sort (gifts for sports fans)

Score big this year with the MVB (most valuable birthday) with one of these gifts for sports lovers and outdoorsy types. Whether a baseball, golf, or hockey fan, the MVB is sure to cheer like you got them tickets behind home plate.

Golfer's BBQ Set | UncommonGoods
Score as many points as possible with the birthd – wait, it’s golf, so you’ll want to score as few points, got it? Point is: they’ll love it! | Golfer’s BBQ Set

Game Used NHL Hockey Stick Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods
It’s never the wrong time of year to crack open a cold one for their favorite team. These bottle openers are game used by the players who provide the drink-worthy moments. | Game Used NHL Hockey Stick Bottle Opener

Upcycled Bike Chain USA Flag | UncommonGoods
Art in a patriotic gear. | Upcycled Bike Chain USA Flag

Snow Ski Wine Rack | UncommonGoods
The Snow Ski Wine Rack is the way a slope-shredder with a taste for wine will want store it. Just don’t try to strap on the skis after the rack has been relieved of its charge…

Play Ball Catchall | UncommonGoods
Home base for the contents of their pockets. | Play Ball Catchall

Ballpark Seat Pen | UncommonGoods
Grounded in baseball pastimes, this home-run hitting pen is made from authentic wood and paint from your baseball fan’s favorite stadium. | Ballpark Seat Pen

College Football Stadium Art | UncommonGoods
You can’t gift wrap an actual college stadium, but this is the next best thing! | College Football Stadium Art

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Put a Bow on Top (jewelry & style gifts)

For the friend who already thinks they have the greatest gift – their sense of style – one of these fashionable pieces will have them looking nicer than the box you wrapped it in.

Shades of Blue Sea Glass Necklace | UncommonGoods
For the woman whose dreams come in waves. | Shades of Blue Sea Glass Necklace

Panico Common Edge 3D Printed Initial Necklace | UncommonGoods
Cutting edge design technique transforms the traditional signet necklace. | Common Edge 3D Printed Initial Necklace

Color Wheel Pendant | UncommonGoods
With these chromatic baubles, they can meditate on color theory while simultaneously practicing it. | Color Wheel Pendant and Color Wheel and Grayscale Mismatched Earrings

Counting Beads | UncommonGoods
So beautiful, you’d never know they have a life-saving function in remote parts of the world. Click to learn more! | Counting Beads Necklace in Hematite (shown) and Agate

Pennies from Heaven Locket | UncommonGoods
Cherish the luck in her life with this spirited yet deeply sentimental piece. | Pennies from Heaven Locket

Story of the Earth Bracelets | UncommonGoods
For someone inspired by the natural world, celebrate her birth and the Earth’s. | Story of the Earth Bracelets

My Lucky Stars Necklace | UncommonGoods
Whether she stars in a solo show or has a supporting cast of bright young talent, she’ll love this shining necklace handmade by Catherine Weitzman. | My Lucky Stars Necklace (only at UncommonGoods)

Picture Your Pet Custom Totebag | UncommonGoods
It’s Bring Your Pet to Work (and Market, and Yoga Class, and the Movies) Day, every day.| Picture Your Pet Custom Totebag

Constitution Tie | UncommonGoods
Part of his pursuit of happiness is wearing the quirky ties he fancies. | Constitution Tie

 Custom Map Key Ring | UncommonGoods
Keep them feeling homeward bound, even when they’re miles away. | Custom Map Key Ring

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Make a *Birth* Day of It (relaxation & grooming gifts)

Sometimes the best gift for a busy person is simply a moment of respite. These relaxing amenities are sure to pair nicely.

Personal Aromatherapy Pendant | UncommonGoods
What can make someone bliss out during a boring day? The nose knows. | Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

Hand Loomed Yoga Bag | UncommonGoods
Roll out the yoga mat for a calming, age defying birthday. Roll it back up into this beautiful Hand Loomed Yoga Bag.

Working Man's Hygiene Kit | UncommonGoods
Who’s to say a rugged man’s man wouldn’t enjoy some TLC? These salves, scrubs, and balms are designed for coarse hands and aching feet. | Working Man’s Hygiene Kit (only at UncommonGoods)

Green Herbal Tea Kit | UncommonGoods
The collection of aromatic teas soothe the senses, all the while benefiting longevity and aging skin. ~ And many more! | Green Herbal Tea Kit

Spa in a Bag | UncommonGoods
Rather than gift someone in need of relaxation another errand, bring the spa right to them. | Spa in a Bag

Sea Glass Scents Bath Gift Box | UncommonGoods
Three blissful mini-vacations in one, the Sea Glass Scents Bath Gift Box offers waves of relaxation inspired by the sea.

Literary Candles | UncommonGoods
For someone who’s always on the scent of their next great read. | Literary Candles

Bioluminescent Mini Aquarium | UncommonGoods
Even better than birthday candles, these microscopic marine miracles give ephemeral flashes of living light. | Bioluminescent Mini Aquarium

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit | UncommonGoods
A garden, without the hard work. Now that’s relaxing. | Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

Divine Comedy Personalized Shadowbox - Milestone | UncommonGoods
Excellent, serenity-bringing advice: “Follow your own road, and let the people talk.” | Divine Comedy Personalized Shadowbox – Milestone
Meditation Box | UncommonGoodsBirthday party planning can be stressful, but the Meditation Box is a great way to unwind. And it’s customizable for a personal touch.

Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe | UncommonGoods
Made from reclaimed saris, this luxurious Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe adds a dash of exoticism to their around-the-house wardrobe.

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