It’s likely you have more than a few strong women in your life, and the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate all they’ve accomplished. Whether she’s a CEO, a miracle-working mom, or simply a lovely lady who deserves something special, we’ve handpicked a list of gifts that’ll give her a healthy dose of inspiration and show you hold her in high esteem.

Now she can keep this inspiring mantra close at hand: she believed she could, so she did – a beautiful message all about moving forward. | She Believed She Could Bangle

Inscribed with the phrase “Strong Women-May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them,” this pendant is a reminder that women have the power to lift each other up, learn from one another, and stand strong together. | Strong Women Pendant

Let the stereotype-smashing ladies in your life wear their strength loud and proud. | Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

Remind the trailblazing women in your life to continue forging their own path, even when times are tough. | Leave a Trail Necklace

Every woman faces adversity at some point in her life. The Positive Energy Necklace is a reminder that there may be obstacles along the road to success, but a positive outlook can help clear the way. | Positive Energy Necklace

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