We all know someone who spreads holiday cheer like it’s her job. She starts her search for gifts in July, she’ll stay up all night trying to make that DIY centerpiece she found online just right, and she’s always willing expand her guest list, even if it means squeezing a party of 20 into her eensy apartment. Such a commitment to holiday jolliness can take a toll – it’s stressful to be such a goddess of good tidings. Keep her spirits up and show your appreciation with this list of relaxing gifts.

Let her settle in for a bath that takes her far, far away from the stress of holiday shopping. | Solar System Bath Bombs Set

Now she can keep an air of calm about her while dealing with the dizzying details of her holiday party. | Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

You’ll totally win over her heart chakra with this set of centering bath salts. | Chakra Bath Salts Set

Have over-zealous holiday plans led to the sniffles and a sore throat? These locally sourced teas will have her feeling festive again in no time. | Cold Weather Comfort Tea

Remind her to pause, breathe, and take a moment for herself. Aunt Petunia can take a cab from the airport. | Breathe

These roomy mugs can hold all the coffee or tea she needs to get through the stressful season, and they also harness the healing power of crystals like rose quartz and citrine. | Healing Stone Mugs

Though it may be difficult to match the zen-ness of these penguins, they’ll at the very least make her stop and smile. | Zenguin Mugs

Buddha Bowl | UncommonGoods

Holding a Buddha bowl of steaming soup is the ultimate soother for holiday stress. | Buddha Bowl

Even if she can’t find the time to do the poses herself, it’ll still be calming to rest her favorite cocktail on these coasters. | Yoga Pose Coasters

This simple print features a yogi in “easy pose” – reminding her to let little worries roll off her back. | Namaste Print

Once the dance of hosting and gifting and small-talking is done, she’ll be able to simmer down and cozy up with these super soothing slippers. | Ballerina Warming Slippers

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