Everyone knows someone who seems to already have everything. You know, that person whose living room looks like a museum of beautiful objects. Whose kitchen is fit for a professional chef. Who is always toting the latest gadget or the most fashionable fashion accessory. Folks who already have it all can be difficult to shop for, but as purveyors of the uncommon, we’re here to to show you a few things that will leave them excitedly asking, “Where did you find this?!”

Llana the Llama Mug | UncommonGoods

Llana is sure to stand out among a herd of mugs in your hard-to-shop-for friend’s kitchen cabinet. | Llana the Llama Mug

Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace | UncommonGoods

She may have plenty of necklaces, sure. But this one’s totally out of this world. | Solar System Bubble Bib Necklace

Smartphone Charging Reversible Tote | UncommonGoods

This tote is not only roomy enough to house all of her essentials, but also performs the essential function of keeping her phone charged and ready. She’ll be texting you her thanks daily. | Smartphone Charging Reversible Tote

Personalized Family Member Signpost | UncommonGoods

This reminder of family near and far will add an extra bit of charm to anyone’s backyard. | Personalized Family Member Signpost

Sweater Mug Hugger | UncommonGoods

Okay, let’s say your giftee’s already got plenty of mugs. Chances are none of them have yet been outfitted with a tiny handcrafted sweater. (The gray one can even hold a teabag in its pocket!) | Sweater Mug Hugger

Personal Aromatherapy Pendant | UncommonGoods

This pendant can provide your recipient with energy, calm, or focus thanks to a subtle infusion of essential oil sticks. It’s certainly not your average necklace. | Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

Glass Water Faucet | UncommonGoods

They’ve already got everything but the kitchen sink! Actually, they probably do have a kitchen sink. This glass water faucet sculpture is sure to surprise, though. | Glass Water Faucet

Ambienta Grow Lamp | UncommonGoods

Multi-functional and modern, this lamp will grow your giftee’s admiration ten-fold. | Ambienta Grow Lamp

Out the Door Tabletop Key Holder | UncommonGoods

Now they can hang their keys on keys! Mind. Blown. | Out the Door Tabletop Key Holder

Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit | UncommonGoods

So they already have everything? Even a dozen homemade everything bagels?| Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit

Wishbone Trivet | UncommonGoods

Anyone who lays eyes on it wishes for this handmade, recycled steel trivet. | Wishbone Trivet

Sham Rock Glass | UncommonGoods

They may be lucky enough to have it all, but they’ll still love this little good luck charm. | Sham-Rock Glass

Dandelion Paperweight | UncommonGoodsThe answers to life’s trickiest questions may be blowin’ in the wind, but these pretty seeds are encased in resin. | Dandelion Paperweight

Custom Fern Cribbage Board | UncommonGoods

Even if they already have a hefty collection of board games, we can almost guarantee that they don’t have a handcrafted, custom cribbage board. (And that they’ll love it once they do!) | Custom Fern Cribbage Board

Pistachio Pedestal | UncommonGoods

When someone seems to have everything, it’s hard to find something that they’ll really, really like. Fortunately, they’ll go nuts over this. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.) | Pistachio Pedestal

On The Other Hand Clock | UncommonGoods

On one hand, they probably already have some way to tell time. On the other hand, this piece makes a statement that the time display on their cell phone certainly can’t. | On the Other Hand Clock

Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter | UncommonGoods

Rogue kernels are no match for this cleverly-designed dish, meaning your giftee will have everything except a toothache next movie night. | Popcorn Bowl with Kernel Sifter

Jewelry in a Bottle | UncommonGoods

A genie in a bottle can grant three wishes, but jewelry in a bottle is the gift on everyone’s wishlist this year. | Jewelry in a Bottle


Some people seem to have it all. These gifts will leave that hard-to-shop-for person in your life excitedly asking,