Many years from now, when archaeologists of the distant future excavate the sites of 21st century man caves, they’ll get a glimpse into the daily life of today’s modern man. We want them to take a look at the artifacts they find and be amazed. But before future archaeologists can be amazed by their findings, it’s up to us to make sure those man caves are fully-loaded with all of the coolest things. It’s also up to us to make sure that our modern-day men are totally blown away by the holiday gifts they get this year. Help the man cave dweller in your life create a truly impressive domain with these must-have goods.

Kinetic Gear Key Holder | UncommonGoods

Does he retreat to his man cave when he’s gearing up for a big game or winding down from a long day? Either way, he’ll need a place to stash his keys.| Kinetic Gear Key Holder

Single Malts of Scotland Tasting Map | UncommonGoods

The first thing visitors to any man cave notice (aside from how the bar’s stocked) is the decor. Keep it as classy as it is manly with this map. | Single Malts of Scotland Tasting Map.

Nightbulb | UncommonGoods

Just ’cause it’s a cave doesn’t mean it needs to be dim. Here’s a bright idea: add a little light. | Nightbulb

Stoneware Nacho Plate | UncommonGoods

Ordering pizza is good, but a home-cooked meal is better. (Yes, nachos for dinner = totally acceptable when it comes to man cave dwelling!) | Stoneware Nacho Plate

Chillsner | Beer chiller | UncommonGoods

The guy on your gift list is already cool, his beer should be too. | Chillsner

Beer Opening Glass | UncommonGoods

Some things just go together. Like beer and man cave or bottle opener and pint glass. | Beer Opening Glass

Deep Sea Sand Art | UncommonGoods

What’s more tranquil than a cave? Watching sand slowly fall into beautiful, unrepeatable patterns while relaxing in a man cave.| Deep Sea Sand Art

Das Horn | UncommonGoods

It might not be a mastodon tusk, but we’re pretty sure your man cave dweller will appreciate it anyway. | Das Horn

BottleLoft | UncommonGoods

That mini-fridge can only hold so many six packs, but thanks to this handy device, so many is a couple more than before. | BottleLoft

City Skyline Wooden Routings | UncommonGoods

He might like to spend alone time dwelling in his cave, but he knows there’s a great big world beyond its walls. Help him celebrate his favorite places out there with this unique piece. | City Skyline Wooden Routings

Aurora Smart Lighting Panels | UncommonGoods

Your dude can set the man cave mood of his choice with this versatile set of color-changing panels. | Aurora Smart Lighting Panels

Play Ball Catchall | UncommonGoods

The man cave need not be the place where little things go to get lost. Help him keep odds and ends together in this stadium-inspired catchall. | Play Ball Catchall

Couch Arm Table | UncommonGoods

Man cave couch snacking just got a heck of a lot more convenient. | Couch Arm Table

Home Run Beer Pong |UncommonGoods

Beer pong and baseball is a winning combination for any man cave. | Home Run Beer Pong

Set of Fore! Golf Glasses |UncommonGoods

Your guy might be watching tournaments from home, but these tumblers will get him in the golf spirit. | Set of Fore! Golf Glasses

Ski Resort Blueprints | UncommonGoods

Shredder man cave dwellers will appreciate this stylized reminder of the slopes they love most. | Ski Resort Blueprints

Whiskey Stones & Gift Set | UncommonGoods

“On the rocks” takes on a whole new meaning. Your guy will never need to settle for watered-down whiskey with these stones on hand. | Whiskey Stones & Gift Set

Snow Ski Wine Rack | UncommonGoods

Elicit envy in man cave visitors with this innovative wine rack. | Snow Ski Wine Rack

TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

Your standard bottle opener simply won’t do. Crafted from PGA Licensed game-used balls, this opener makes for a hole-in-one gift. | TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Bottle Opener

Upcycled Bike Chain Flag | UncommonGoods

A man cave decor must, this flag represents freedom and a love for the open road. | Upcycled Bike Chain Flag

Baseball Dartboard | UncommonGoods

No man cave is complete without a good set of darts. Add baseball to the mix and you’ve just hit a holiday gift home run. | Baseball Dartboard



Help the man cave dweller in your life create a truly impressive dude-domain with these must-have holiday gifts for guys.