That phrase “childlike curiosity” is around for a reason. (If you’ve ever been on the answering end of an ongoing series of “Why?-s” you know what we’re talking about.) So much in the world is new and exciting for kids. They’re learning new things every day, their imaginations are limitless, and their creativity never ceases to amaze us grown-up types. With this in mind, we selected an assortment of fun gift ideas that are sure to keep kids interested, excited, and entertained while those little brains grow big and strong.

Milton the Mealtime Companion | UncommonGoods

Isn’t it funny how your little guy or gal gets into everything EXCEPT what’s served for dinner? Luckily, when Milton the Mealtime Companion tries something new, your kiddo will want to too.

Personalized My Alphabet Book | UncommonGoods

They may already be working on their ABCs, but N is for narwhal is still big news. What makes this adorably-illustrated book even better is that it features their name along with the animal that shares their first initial.| Personalized My Alphabet Book

Personalized My Alphabet Pillow | UncommonGoodsPair the book with a Personalized My Alphabet Pillow to see Patricia Carlin’s illustrations pop off the page and onto a cuddly keepsake.

DIY Wildflower Seed Ball Kit | UncommonGoods

Their thumb might not be green yet, but you can give the child in your life their first taste of horticultural glory with this easy-to-use DIY Wildflower Seed Ball Kit.

Mug with a... | UncommonGoods

Your little sports fan will cheer when they receive a mug that makes mealtime fun while showing off their favorite sport. (And they were actually designed by a kid!)| Mug with a … Collection

Personalized Solar System Wall Art | UncommonGoodsIf your kid’s already on the way to becoming an amateur astronomer, they’ll love this Personalized Solar System Wall Art. It not only features the eight major planets, a few dwarf planets, and our big, beautiful sun, it also includes the child’s name and their constellation.

Super Nerdy ABC Blocks | UncommonGoods

Maybe they already know that A is for apple and B is for ball, but they might be surprised to learn about A and B’s buddies absolute zero and binary. Help your tiny scientist build knowledge with a set of Super Nerdy ABC Blocks.

Sleeper Hero Bedtime Buddy | UncommonGoods

Even at bedtime, kids’ brains race a mile a minute with questions, stories, and big ideas. Sometimes those thoughts aren’t all super fun, but this super hero can help. | Sleeper Hero Bedtime Buddy

Personalized Night Before Christmas Book | UncommonGoods

This customized, illustrated version of the classic holiday poem will leave your child with visions of sugar plums and Christmas adventures dancing in their head. | Personalized Night Before Christmas Book

Fairy Kit | UncommonGoods

This DIY craft kit for kids lets boys and girls bring magic to life. Each enchanting set includes material for eight cute, colorful projects.| Fairy Kit

Ice Cream Truck Playhouse | UncommonGoods

Help them make pretend time even cooler. | Ice Cream Truck Playhouse

Build Your Own Marble Coaster | UncommonGoods

Part hands-on physics lesson and part really cool roller coaster, this DIY kit is fun to build and fun to use. | Build Your Own Marble Coaster

Mobi Math Game | UncommonGoods

The Mobi Math Game plays like Scrabble, but lets kids add, subtract, multiply, and divide their way to a win.

USA Jumbo Coloring Poster | UncommonGoods

United States geography, history, and a bunch of fun facts come together in this great big map that’s just waiting to be explored by a clever kid with a set of colored pencils. | USA Jumbo Coloring Poster

Bioluminescent Dino Pet | UncommonGoods

Your kid probably already loves dinosaurs, but their love for this little dino (filled with bioluminescent pet plankton) will shine extra bright. | Bioluminescent Dino Pet

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We selected an assortment of fun and educational gift for kids that are sure to keep little ones entertained while those little brains grow big and strong.

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