More than any other age group, teenagers go through a crazy roller coaster of changes. Once they bid farewell to the “little kid” years, they really start to explore who they are, who they’re not, and who they want to become. They are on a constant quest to find a voice (and, perhaps, the #perfecthashtag). We think this period of self-discovery is really awesome. Here at UncommonGoods, we’re all about encouraging individuality. So we hand-selected 20 of our coolest items for the savvy, curious, flourishing and fun-loving teens in your life. These gifts will not only be Instagram worthy keepsakes, but also little stamps of uniqueness during this holiday season and beyond.

1) Make saving up their pennies like a party for your teen! Bonus: you don’t actually have to break this bad boy to get the cash out. | Break the Pinata Bank

2) The original Instagram. Artsy vintage photos slide out in a snap, but a corresponding app with fun filters and settings makes this cam the perfect mix of old and new. | I-1 Analog Instant Camera

3) This kit features all-natural ingredients, and enough of them to make five tins of lip-smacking goodness! Perfect for a fun group activity or a day of self-care for your teen. | DIY Lip Balm Kit

4) Your teen may be used to doodling blooms in the margins of their notebooks, but this kit really brings them to life. Perfect for budding creators who are ready to take crafting to a whole new level. | Felt Succulents Kit

5) Dudes and dudettes alike will flip for the ’80s cool this print evokes. | Dudes at the Park Screenprint

6) Build upon your teen’s creative inclinations with this incredibly realistic model. | Architectural Model and Design Kit

7) Somewhere over the rainbow you might find a matching set of earrings, but they wouldn’t be half as cool as these. | Unicorn and Rainbow Mismatched Earrings

8) Tired of having to compete with your teen’s phone? You might as well give it the official party invite. | Game of Phones

9) Never again will you have to worry about your teen losing all those fancy devices. | Bluetooth Tracking Tag

10) Sleepover parties just got an adorable upgrade. | Gummy Bear Lights

11) It’s about time your teen gets those tentacles in a row. | Shower Squids

12) Froyo is so last year. | Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

13) Keep calm and punch holes (into these special paper strips that make music). | Mechanical Music Box Set

14) When being a teen just can’t get any tougher, those awkward moments remind us that there’s always room for extra embarrassment. This game reminds us that there’s even more room for extra laughter. | Awkward Moment Card Game

15) Because coding is the must-have job skill of the future, right? | Secret Decoder Ring

16) For the teens who are rock legend ready, this portable practice tool allows them to hone their chord progression skills on the go, without making a peep. | Pocketstrings

17) A daydream is a terrible thing to waste. | Don’t Quit Your Daydream Art Block

18) The new face(s) of cookies and milk. | Warm Or Cool Face Mugs

19) Put a human face on technology. | iPhone Charger Sticker Faces

20) Because moldable magnetic putty makes for the coolest time lapse videos ever. | Super Magnetic Putty



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