The Indie Maven’s Best Friend

Exclusively You.

Indie Gift Box™ is an exclusive curated experience featuring specialty handmade goods.  In addition to holding private sales of one-of-a-kind indie products, we deliver themed collections of unique goods from independent artisans every month.

Dedicated to Promoting Independent Artists and Small Businesses

We envision a world in which artisanal craftsmanship is valued and accessible.  Our mission in support of that vision is to help you discover new artistic talent and amazing handmade products, and to help the artists and companies achieve their deserved success.

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Unlike most box services, Indie Gift Box™ exposes you to the truly creative and unique, while treating you with the same warm care and careful attention as the small businesses we support.

What make us different:

  • Handmade with love:  Other mainstream box services send you big-name brands, but Indie Gift Box™ is committed to sending you one-of-a-kind products made with love by passionate artisans.
  • No commitment: You don’t have to subscribe to have access to a box (though we think you’ll want to).  Stay in control and buy when YOU want to.
  • High value: $35-$75 worth of items for only $25.
  • Sample sizes: You don’t have to commit to large purchases from new makers without first trying out items in our boxes.

  • Limited quantity: Because artisans hand prepare these items with care and attention to detail, we must limit the number of boxes available based on what they can provide.  Once they are gone, that’s it!  This has the added benefit of ensuring that everyone on the block isn’t wearing the same scarf as you this week — because you got yours through one of the coveted and rare Indie Gift Boxes™.
  • Indie style: Indie Gift Boxes™ are out of the ordinary.  We tailor them for lovers of handmade goods with discerning taste and independent style.  This isn’t your Grandma’s box.  Or your neighbor’s.  It’s YOURS.


Indie Gift Boxes™ are themed monthly and filled with a variety of item types.  Because we do not require a subscription to participate, you can skip themes that don’t interest you and mark your calendar for ones that do.  Choosing to subscribe, however, will get you serious added benefits.  Follow our blog for announcements so that you don’t miss out on the opportunities that suit you.

Get Your Box

Because everything must be hand-prepared just for you, boxes are in limited supply and released monthly.  Each costs only $25.   Stay tuned to our blog for release dates so that you can order one before they’re gone!